Parkour / Ninja Warrior / Movement Gym NOW OPEN in Fall River, MA

Parkour / Ninja Warrior / Movement Gym NOW OPEN in Fall River, MA

Rhode Island and Massachusetts have been waiting for a parkour and movement gym of their own, and now it’s finally here! Come check out AMP Academy and AMP IT UP!

Forty people put in an unbelievable 1,150 hours of work in just four short months to bring you this awesome parkour, ninja warrior and movement training space.

Here are a few pictures of the now completed space.  The pictures are pretty, but nothing is as good as seeing it for yourself.  We’ll see you soon!

Quick shot of some of the parkour obstacles.
Check out some of the routes on the rock wall and see what’s hardest for you!
Can’t have a ninja training area without monkey bars.
The cargo net. Oh, so many things can be done with the cargo net!
Here’s the adjustable height ledge wall with the adjustable peg board in orange just below.
Can’t help but play around on the Pipe Jam!
And of course, the ever-infamous salmon ladder!
I can’t count the ways to use these ropes!
Gymnastics rings for traversing or doing gymnastics training. One of the greatest training tools in existence!


Thanks for coming along on the journey through construction.  Now come check out the finished product!

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AMP is here!

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