Parkour Ranking System – Fall River, MA

Parkour Ranking System – Fall River, MA

AMP Academy is proud to announce our meticulously developed parkour curriculum similar to that of traditional martial arts ranking systems.

Each rank has a set of requirements that range anywhere from conditioning to rail tech to acrobatics to leadership, education, and more!

This ranking system is the perfect way to know where you stand with your abilities and what needs more development.

AMP Academy believes that every person should be the best person they can be along with being the best athlete they can be, and so we make the greatest efforts to teach students proper form, technique, and training strategies to help them train safely both inside and outside of the gym, and most importantly we encourage each student to analyze why movements work the way they do and articulate this to one another so that they to can teach the art they love.

So, if you’re interested in making the art of parkour a part of your life, come in for your FIRST CLASS FREE!

We’ll see you soon!

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