Joshua “Polvo” Amarelo

Web-97Classes: CapoFit / Parkour / Ninja Warrior / Capoeira

Bio: Joshua, founder and owner of AMP Academy and WFPF Certified parkour trainer, was born and raised in Fall River, MA and trains capoeira, acrobatics, ninja warrior, and parkour, focusing his training on building strength without sacrificing agility. An experienced instructor with both children and adults, Joshua’s passions outside of health and fitness include finding ways to help strengthen the Fall River community and make the city a better place to live, beginning with the inception of AMP Academy.  A design engineer before opening the gym, Joshua enjoys creating something from nothing, making dreams become reality, taking ideas and making them physical. He also loves creative writing and has published three short stories available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle.  Come check out Joshua’s classes and take your strengths and skills to a whole new level!

Joel “Tabareu” Pasian

Classes: Capoeira

Bio: Contramestre Tabareu of Grupo Ondas, a Rhode Island based capoeira group, has trained the martial art for over 20 years under a number of mestres. His passion for the sport is equaled only by his love of teaching the various aspects of history, music, dance, acrobatics, and self-defense that embody capoeira. Tabareu has traveled as far as Brazil, where capoeira originated, to train and teach the martial art, now bringing his expertise and flowing style to Massachusetts to spread the knowledge of the art that he loves. Outside of capoeira, Tabareu is a loving father and husband who enjoys house music and being upside-down. Come find your balance, flexibility, and groove with Contramestre Tabareu!

Megan Fontes

Classes: Buti Yoga

Bio: (Forthcoming…)

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