Check out a few of the many obstacles here at AMP Academy, and stop in to see what else we have to offer!

Salmon Ladder

Worried about the Salmon Ladder when you get on American Ninja Warrior? _DSC9536small Don’t be.  We’ve got it here at AMP Academy!  Work on your Salmon Ladder skills, including 9″, 12″, 18″, 21″, 24″, 30″, and 42″ steps, and don’t forget to practice your transfer game and tricks just for fun.  You can try and try and try again until you make reaching the top look easy.

Parkour Section

Work on some of your favorite parkour movements like cat leaps, vaults, wall amp_14-300x200runs, and anything else you can think of in this 2,000 square foot corner dedicated solely to parkour with various wall heights and a built-in pipe dream, where you can work on strength, endurance, and agility by swinging over, under, and through the various arrangements.  Challenge one another with flow sequences or freestyle until your hands are raw.

Ledge Wall

Test your grip and upper body strength with the Ledge Wall!  This 16-foot long wall consists of 1½” ledges positioned at various amp_7-300x200heights and angles with different sized gaps to test your strength and wherewithal.  Increase your finger and upper body strength by traversing this wall without using your feet.  Up the difficulty by traveling higher and lower as you work your way across.  And if that’s too easy for you, don’t worry, there will be ¾” ledges to make it a little more of a challenge.

Peg Board

This 16-foot long peg wall tests your patience, accuracy, upper-body, single-arm lockout, and grip _DSC9537smallstrength all at once.  Our classes will challenge you with various difficulties of traveling across, moving up and down, across and back, pushing you to increase control over your arms while straining to hold up your body weight, targeting your forearms, biceps, and back.  This challenge is perhaps one of the more difficult ones of the American Ninja Warrior course, and we have it here to help you have the grip strength you need when your time comes.

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