UNAA Area Qualifier Standings

UNAA Area Qualifier Standings

UNAA Area Qualifier Standings 1755 1057 AMP Academy

Standings will begin being published on Saturday, 3/17, as each competitor finishes their run!  Keep an eye on this page to see how your favorite ninja is faring against the tough competition!

  • Competitor NamePointsTime
    Dave Cavanagh123:01.20
    Mike Ravert103:44.55
    Ernest Phillip94:00
    Julius Ferguson84:00
    Eli Chevalier64:00
    Derek Conway54:00
    Scott Rancourt34:00
    Jessie Rancourt14:00
  • Competitor NamePointsTime
    McKinley Pierce64:00
    Casey Rothschild54:00
    Angela Gargano14:00
  • Competitor Name PointsTime
    Mark Shrime44:00
    Curtis Fry24:00
  • Competitor Name PointsTime
    Alessandra Merto24:00
    Elizabeth Dulac24:00
    Jenny Cavanagh24:00
    Mary Leighton14:00
    Erin Lease Maxwell04:15
  • Competitor Name PointsTime
    Amir Malik103:36.26
    Niko Fabian103:49.22
    Brandon Stenta84:00
    Keenan Doyle74:00
    Andrew Horner74:00
    David Paache63:56.40
    Benen Elshakhs63:58.36
    Cabot Sayles54:00
    Tylor Dipple54:00
    Harry Clark54:00
    John Larkin44:00
    Joshua Crete34:00
    Devin Rodrigues34:00
    Veer Bhalla34:00
    Alex Wisch34:00
    Jay Small34:00
    Sam Gordon24:00
    Elijah Greene24:00
    Chris Lang14:00


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